Nikon Df Pre-Order

Nikon Df preorder black cameraThe Nikon Df is available for pre-order now! Body only $2746.95 and with 50mm 1.8G lens $2996.95. Information on how to pre-order the Nikon Df can be found below. Updated November 5, 2013

Nikon Df preorder at Amazon

The Df represents an exciting new concept in digital photography and has the attention of enthusiasts from around the world. The camera will be in extremely high demand and could be sold out for months. Recent announcements of groundbreaking cameras from Nikon such as the D4 and D800 caused word-wide shortages. Only those who pre-ordered in the very early hours and days after the camera was announced were able to get their cameras first. Others were left waiting for months to receive a camera, and it took even longer for stores to have them readily available in stock.

The buildup to the Nikon Df announcement is unprecedented in recent history from Nikon. By spreading videos which have gone viral two weeks prior to its launch, Nikon is feeding its strong customer base and energizing many enthusiasts. As soon as the camera is announced, it will be available for preorder and we expect, given a reasonable price, it will quickly break records and could lead to extreme shortages in supply. To get this camera, your best bet is to preorder as soon as you can. Keep this page bookmarked to know as soon as the retailers post the Nikon Df available for preorder.

Starting after Announcement on November 5, you can pre-order at the Nikon Df at the following retailers:

Amazon logoAmazon Amazon is a leading online retailer, Authorized Nikon Dealer and has no-hassle customer service. They offer a 30-day return policy, no restocking fee, and Amazon does NOT charge your card until your camera ships. Amazon has been one of the first retailers to offer new Nikon cameras for pre-order and often is the first to ship.

Nikon Df preorder at Amazon
Nikon Df (Black) at Amazon $2,746.95
Nikon Df (Silver) at Amazon $2,746.95
Nikon Df (Black) + 50mm f/1.8G Lens at Amazon $2,996.95
Nikon Df (Silver) + 50mm f/1.8G Lens at Amazon $2,996.95

Adorama logo Adorama is a trusted retailer offering a 30-day return policy with no restocking fee. Adorama and does NOT charge your card until the order actually ships.

Nikon DF (black) body at Adorama
Nikon DF (silver) body at Adorama
Nikon DF (black) + 50mm 1.8G kit at Adorama
Nikon DF (silver) + 50mm 1.8G kit at Adorama

B&H LogoB&H Photo is a leading Photography source trusted by professionals worldwide. They often are the first to list new cameras for preorder. They offer a full 30-day return policy without restocking fees. In the past, B&H has been known to place an authorization for the pre-order amount on your credit card at the time of order. This is only a temporary reserve and not an actual charge. Make sure you have funds available before placing a ore-order here. The full amount is not actually charged until your order ships.

Nikon Df (black) at B&H Photo
Nikon Df (silver) at B&H Photo
Nikon Df (black) + 50mm 1.8G at B&H Photo
Nikon Df (silver) + 50mm 1.8G at B&H Photo