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Pure Photography series conclusion

The conclusion of the Nikon Df series is a compilation of the first five videos. The final video begins, “My father used to say, ‘Find the one thing you can do all day without looking at your watch. That’s your passion.’ He was right.”

Nikon Df Pure Photography man side

The beautiful scenery of Scotland serves as a backdrop for the series. We follow a photographer on his journey to discover himself and also a new camera, the Nikon Df.

Nikon Df Pure Photography front Df camera

The manual controls on the Df allow for a seamless, connected photographic experience. Blending the familiar form and simplicity of beloved Nikon film cameras and modern digital technology yields a new type of camera.

Nikon Df Pure Photography tree

This new connectiveness breeds an unhindered creative experience. Witness the experience of Pure Photography firsthand, with the Nikon Df.

The Nikon Df will be announced on November 5, 2013. The Pure Photography series has created tremendous interest from photographers around the world. Join them in welcoming the new Nikon Df. Visit your local Nikon dealer or online retailer to preorder the Nikon Df today.

Nikon DF revealed in Nikon Pure Photography #5 video

Nikon DF Rear Control Dial and buttons

The Nikon DF is nearly completely revealed in Pure Photography #5 video. The rear of the camera can be seen showing many of the controls. The layout is similar to that of existing DSLR and slots above the D600, having more professional-style AF on button as well as a metering mode selector.

The rear command dial and directional control with center OK button and focus selector lock will be familiar to current Nikon DSLR users. What are new are the metallic-appearing top dials.


The top of the camera can be seen in the frame above, having a dial to select shutter speed and a maximum shutter speed on the dial of 1/4000th second. The center button is most likely a lock that can be toggled on and off.

Nikon DF camera left side closeup

The left side of the Nikon DF camera can be seen in detail, showing the full profile of the raised viewfinder hump and hot shoe. The side of the camera has the traditional AF/M auto focus selector that controls the in-body focus motor coupling. The special 50mm 1.8G also has a similar AF/M switch because it is an AF-S lens with internal motor. The side of the camera appears to have rubber covers similar to existing DSLR to protect the various inputs and outputs. The viewfinder appears to have a round rubber eyecup similar to the pro-level cameras, not the rectangular one of the D600.

Nikon DF front of camera

The final shot shows the front of the Nikon DF and ends with the statement, “Good things take time. They’re worth the wait.”

Nikon DF Detailed Shots from Pure Photography Video #4

Nikon DF on black camera picture

The Nikon DF is almost totally revealed in Nikon’s Pure Photography Video #4. The above composite shot was created by combining details frame by frame from the end of the video. It shows the front of the Nikon DF camera with raised pyramidal viewfinder and front knobs and buttons. Also visible for the first time is the FX logo, confirming that the new retro-style camera will feature a full frame sensor.

Nikon DF 50mm lens view side

The side view of the special Nikon 50mm 1.8G for the Nikon DF shows the raised rubber grip with two rows of grooves that is similar to earlier Nikon lens designs. The current 1.8G lens has one row of long raised grooves. The silver aperture ring is also visible at the right edge of the frame.

Nikon 50mm 1.8G on Nikon DF

This front shot of the Nikon 50mm 1.8G shows the grooves on the machined metal aperture ring. The front of the lens is partially obscured in shadow, but with further enhancement more of the lens elements can be seen.

50mm 1.8G Nikon DF lens (enhanced)

In this enhanced photo, the recessed front element, filter thread and focusing ring are clearly visible. The raised sections around the outer edge of the rim show where the lens hood will attach. Internally this lens could be identical to the existing 50mm 1.8G, merely with a mechanical or electro-mechanical aperture selection ring and new aesthetics to match the Nikon DF.

Over the back view of Nikon DF

The back corner of the camera is visible in this over-the-back shot. The details in the camera are not very visible, however upon magnification and enchancement some details can be seen.

Nikon DF no rear lcd screen

The close-up appears to show the section of the back of the camera that would normally contain an LCD. In these shots it is not clear if there is an LCD screen there or not. The video resolution does not contain enough detail to confirm, however there is no evidence of a rear screen and the camera body appears to be continuous from the side of the camera to several inches along the back side, a place where an LCD normally resides.

As the video ends, the narration concludes, “the camera leads me somewhere new.” Indeed, the Nikon DF marks a new direction for digital photography.

Nikon DF Annoucement Date November 5, 2013

The Nikon DF Pure Photography Video ends with confirmation of the announcement date: November 5, 2013. Stay tuned for a close-up look and analysis of additional details from the fifth video of the series which should be released in the next two days.


Pure Photography #3 closeups of Nikon DF and 50mm 1.8G kit lens

The third in a series of videos shows the Nikon DF kit lens and a good view of the front of the camera. This lens is a 50mm 1.8G lens based on the existing AF-S lens, but it has an aperture ring. As the man is cleaning an AF Nikkor lens, a bird or birds are heard rustling as if to take flight and the character installs the 50mm lens on the Nikon DF body.

Nikon DF camera front picture

Camera strap lugs are on the front of the camera. This allows a half-case to be installed on the camera. It will also help balance the camera when hanging on the chest with a lens attached.

Nikon DF 50mm 1.8G lens

And what is the silver ring on the lens? An aperture ring on a G lens? Nikon is going back to manual controls on the Nikon DF and they are making this version of the 50mm 1.8G with a aperture ring. This lens has a built-in focus motor (AF-S) as indicated by the auto/manual focus mode switch.

Nikon DF 50mm 1.8G kit lens

The lens other shown in this video is the AF Nikkor 28mm f/2.8D autofocus lens. This implies the Nikon DF will have an in-body auto focus motor to be fully compatible with existing AF lenses. We expect it will meter with AI and AI-S lenses too.

AF Nikkor lens

“No clutter, no distractions. This is my world.”

Pure Photography Video #2 reveals more Nikon DF details

Nikon has released video #2 of the Pure Photography series. The second in the set of five videos created to stir excitement in advance of the new Nikon DF announcement. This is an unusual and bold move from Nikon.

Nikon DF camera woods walk

As the man moves through the woods we see the side of the camera in what appears to be a leather half-case for the Nikon DF. The strap emerges from the front and an angle can be seen on the side just below the strap.

Nikon DF closeup side

As he stands we see the full profile of the side of the Nikon DF once again showing what looks like a case or hand grip.

Nikon DF top

The Nikon DF is just visible at the bottom of the frame. the angled top of the camera is clearly visible. In addition we can see the hot shoe. Stitching details on the strap are also well defined.

Nikon DF lens

The final frame shows highlights on the front of the camera. Most likely these buttons are depth of field preview, function button on the left, lens mount release on the right and in the upper right a control dial for focus mode.

The video ends with the statement, “one great shot rewards everything.”