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First Nikon Df pictures of the new digital camera

Nikon Df camera black and silver

Introducing the Nikon Df, a fusion of digital and film cameras. The Df brings a new level of control and connectivity with photography first. Creating an enveloping experience without distraction is the driving force behind this new concept in digital photography.

Nikon Df silver camera front

The Nikon Df represents a new level of photographic experience. Begin with a body form that is both familiar and new. Place all the necessary manual controls easily at hand, and remove the clutter. Then experience photography as it was meant to be, a tool that does not get in the way, but allows full expression. This is the Nikon Df, this is Pure Photography.

Nikon Df black camera back

The blending of new and old brings the strengths of both into the Nikon Df. The camera becomes like a second mind, connecting one to his surroundings without being a distraction. The camera creates only that which the operator wishes, yielding full creative control to only the man and his environment.

Nikon Df camera top silver

The Df allows instant feedback and tactile feel of a finely crafted machine. The top panel of the Nikon Df is an homage to the Nikon film cameras of the past, but thoroughly modern in function. Control the exposure, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, shooting mode and shutter mode all from the dials on the top of the camera. Only the necessary digital display on the top of the Df shows the important information: aperture, shutter speed, shots remaining and battery charge. This reduces the amount of information and gives the photographer instant information and access to make the necessary changes at will.

Nikon Df viewfinder cover DK-28

For long exposures and extended live view operation, the included Nikon DK-26  Viewfinder Cover will prevent stray light from entering from the rear of the camera.

Nikon Df camera magnesium-alloy body

Magnesium-alloy construction provides a durable, light weight body. The critical areas on the top and rear of the Nikon Df camera body are made from magnesium-alloy material.

Nikon Df manual shutter trigger remote

A mechanical remote trigger connects directly to the camera shutter button, as in the past with film bodies, the new Nikon Df continues the tradition of simplicity and control.

Nikon Df weather sealing

Modern weather-sealing gaskets ensure the Nikon Df will withstand harsh environments you may encounter on any photographic journey. The placement of seals on body seams and control buttons and dials create a professional level of durability.

Nikon Df leather case and strap

The shape of the Df brings all these controls to hand, with function over style, yet with much thought given to materials and aesthetics so that the Df will be instantly recognizable and an eternal classic in the lexicon of Nikon.