Nikon launches Pure Photography ad campaign ahead of Nikon DF announcement

Nikon DF video caputreNikon has created a series of five videos to build momentum and excitement for the launch of an upcoming full-frame digital camera. The Nikon DF is expected to be announced November 6, 2013. The DF is a long-awaited digital camera with retro-styling and full-manual control of 35mm film cameras of decades past.

The videos are a series of short films about a photographer in the remote wildnerness in Scotland with only a camera. By exploring the landscape he is able connect with his creative side by taking pictures. Nikon calls it a “journey of self-discovery.” However, it is also about unveiling a new idea about how a camera can operate in harmony with its operator through the creative process.

The first video of the series appears below. It was published by Nikon Asia on YouTube with the simple description, “A photographer stands alone in a bleak landscape. Something has been missing in his creative life. Will he find it here?”

In this video we hear mechanical clicks, which could be manual aperture adjustments. It is possible there could be a manual aperture control on the front of the camera, or simply the aperture ring on the lens.

The video ends with the wonderful sound of a mechanical shutter and the phrase, “It’s in my hands again.” The phrase “Pure Photography” appears on the screen. The “it” in the phrase is ambiguous, it could mean the style of camera from the past is back, or it could mean the art of photography is now easier with all-manual controls.

Rumors of the features of this camera have appeared over the Internet over the past two weeks. Many of the features are clear:

  • 16.2MP digital sensor
  • All-metal construction
  • EXPEED 3 image processing system
  • SLR design with pentaprism viewfinder
  • Accepts all Nikon F-mount lenses including AF, AI, AI-S with full metering
  • 2016-pixel RGB sensor with 3D color Matrix Metering II
  • 765g weight of camera body with battery and media card
  • Secure Digital SD/SDHC/SDXC media format
  • Fixed 3.2-inch LCD screen
  • 5.5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • 100-12,800 ISO range with expanded range 50 to 108,200 ISO
  • A new 50mm 1.8G lens styled to match the camera will be sold as kit.

The name DF means Digital Fusion. A fusion of new and old design and technology. It could also describe a hybrid viewfinder, a special hybrid electronic/mechanical shutter design, or a special feature of the image sensor.