Nikon DF to be announced in 1 week on November 5, 2013

dfThe Nikon DF announcement will be in one week from today on November 5, 2013. The DF represents a return to photographic roots by offering the photographer with full manual control and support for all Nikon F-mount lenses produced over the past five decades.

The DF will work with modern AF-S and G lenses, older AF, and still over AI, AI-S lenses. The camera may also incorporate a movable AI-coupling to allow compatibility with Non-AI lenses since the F-mount was introduced in 1959.  This would make the DF the most compatible camera ever produced in Nikon’s history.

The DF will incorporate cutting-edge technology in its 16 megapixel digital sensor, building on Nikon’s flagship D4 technology. The 35mm full-frame (FX) sensor is optimized for the best combination of image quality, color depth, dynamic range and low-light capabilities.

The body of the DF places all the necessary controls easily at hand and provides unmatched mechanical feel and tactile feedback. The result is both aesthetically pleasing and instantly timeless, reminiscent of early Nikon FE bodies.

A special version of 50mm 1.8G lens is standard with the DF. By adding a manual aperture ring and styling to match the new body, the combination is a meld of modern technology and classic performance.