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Pure Photography Video #2 reveals more Nikon DF details

Nikon has released video #2 of the Pure Photography series. The second in the set of five videos created to stir excitement in advance of the new Nikon DF announcement. This is an unusual and bold move from Nikon.

Nikon DF camera woods walk

As the man moves through the woods we see the side of the camera in what appears to be a leather half-case for the Nikon DF. The strap emerges from the front and an angle can be seen on the side just below the strap.

Nikon DF closeup side

As he stands we see the full profile of the side of the Nikon DF once again showing what looks like a case or hand grip.

Nikon DF top

The Nikon DF is just visible at the bottom of the frame. the angled top of the camera is clearly visible. In addition we can see the hot shoe. Stitching details on the strap are also well defined.

Nikon DF lens

The final frame shows highlights on the front of the camera. Most likely these buttons are depth of field preview, function button on the left, lens mount release on the right and in the upper right a control dial for focus mode.

The video ends with the statement, “one great shot rewards everything.”