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Nikon DF revealed in Nikon Pure Photography #5 video

Nikon DF Rear Control Dial and buttons

The Nikon DF is nearly completely revealed in Pure Photography #5 video. The rear of the camera can be seen showing many of the controls. The layout is similar to that of existing DSLR and slots above the D600, having more professional-style AF on button as well as a metering mode selector.

The rear command dial and directional control with center OK button and focus selector lock will be familiar to current Nikon DSLR users. What are new are the metallic-appearing top dials.


The top of the camera can be seen in the frame above, having a dial to select shutter speed and a maximum shutter speed on the dial of 1/4000th second. The center button is most likely a lock that can be toggled on and off.

Nikon DF camera left side closeup

The left side of the Nikon DF camera can be seen in detail, showing the full profile of the raised viewfinder hump and hot shoe. The side of the camera has the traditional AF/M auto focus selector that controls the in-body focus motor coupling. The special 50mm 1.8G also has a similar AF/M switch because it is an AF-S lens with internal motor. The side of the camera appears to have rubber covers similar to existing DSLR to protect the various inputs and outputs. The viewfinder appears to have a round rubber eyecup similar to the pro-level cameras, not the rectangular one of the D600.

Nikon DF front of camera

The final shot shows the front of the Nikon DF and ends with the statement, “Good things take time. They’re worth the wait.”